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Smart TV

Smart TV – technology, that provides the new capabilities in TV Sets. It could be integrated in TV receiver itself and activated by proprietary firmvare or provided by installing additional prefix. Smart TV devices are equipped with CPU and run with on the fully operational OS. They support the Internet connection and allow to use web-applications, view web-pages in browser, get access to stream video services and VOD services, IPTV and Digital TV programs.


IPTV - is a service of digital TV programs transmission by Internet Protocol from your provider media server. This technology provides high-quality video signal because of fast connection and antijamming features. IPTV is supported by all of Smart TV products.


Owners of Samsung, LG, Philips, Sony, Toshiba, Sharp and Panasonic and other brands with SMART-TV function can watch their favorite channels without using a prefix using a proprietary application (widget). Installation of the application, we described in detail on the page HOW IT WORKS.

To date, many users have already acquired TVs with Smart functionality. One of the many advantages of such TVs can be considered the possibility of viewing IPTV. There are several ways to connect IPTV television to the TV. Use of IPTV television will be possible by installing a special application on the Smart TV. Before you install and configure widgets to watch IPTV on your TV, you must connect the TV to the Internet. After you have made a working connection of the TV to the Internet, you can begin the procedure of installing the necessary widget.

IPTV Setup

There, where in one point of space converge TV with Smart functions and a cable of the operator of digital broadcasting, IPTV is born. If this point is in your apartment, you're lucky: the next generation Internet TV is almost in your pocket. It remains to connect it, but ... how?

IPTV, also called IPTV, is a new technology for watching TV channels over the Internet. The main advantage of IPTV is some kind of interactivity that conventional television does not have. From the list of programs and films, you can choose what to watch, you can put a pause, rewind, review a transmission, set up parental control, and so on. To use IPTV on conventional TVs, you need to buy an external set-top box. However, with the help of Smart TV you can use IPTV simply by installing a special application SS IPTV app.

Live IPTV Tune

Most of the modern TV sets from such brands as Phillips, Samsung, Toshiba, LGand Sharp are equipped with Smart TV technology. The manufacturers create the original software to launch Smart TV. To tune all the preferences and full list of available channels we recommend you to order customization from our tech support engineer.Our tech expert will:

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