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In a world replete with greed, betrayal, sexual intrigue and rivalry, "Marco Polo" is based on the famed explorer's adventures in Kublai Khan's court in 13th century Mongolia.

He goes on to surmise that Randall is actually a genius and that he has just been playing dumb as a way to remain on the crew and still profit without incurring the extra risk. I stumbled on this show while I was waiting for the new GoT season to start, and boy, was I surprised, I had more fun watching this than watered down episodes of GoT, that seem to go on forever, in one infinite circle. Randall manages to survive the failed attack on the Spanish Man O' War and makes it to shore. Here’s a conversation from episode IV, to demonstrate the general tone of the crew’s relationship with Randall: Morley: Shove over, Randall. Even Anne Bonny begins to make a move toward Flint, but Vane stops her by threatening to kill her if she moves any further. The reason I even brought this up was because a friend of mine was watching the show for the first time, and asked why Randall didn’t want to wear the prosthetic leg in 108. i'm really missing the more optimistic vibes from season 1 & 2, Some of it can be attributed to Randall I guess, like about an opium haze or appearing weak, but I always thought that his emphasis on 'saying who the fuck knows what', implies that he has some secrets he doesn't want to be known, or that in the past he has been compromised by drugs, and he never wants to be in that position of weakness again, my mind keeps trying to jump to the worst things xD, (I guess that's the whole strategy behind not telling us in the first place), I can't help but reckon that if he was abused, it was by someone who should have been looking after him, it's like whatever terrible situation he was in, with others perhaps getting caught in the crossfire, and he's kind of absolved himself of any guilt, or making any sense of what happened to him, when they told him he'd be shooting with a cat, I wanted to try drawing a wide slice with little height, I couldn't get Silver's face quite right so I gave up, I'm sorry for always making fun of s1-s2 silver (no I am not - I love him), and i think betsy counts more as a crew member than dufresne :). A prequel to the (fictional) events of Robert Louis Stevenson's "Treasure Island". During this recent exclusive interview with Collider, executive producers/co-showrunners Jon Steinberg and Robert Levine talked about the show’s most recent shocking death, deciding just how that character would meet his end, how that death will affect things going forward, where Jack Rackham (Toby Schmitz) and Anne Bonny (Clara Paget) go next, the Billy Bones (Tom Hopper) and Captain Flint dynamic, the role of Israel Hands (David Wilmot), the women of Nassau, and what they’re most proud of accomplishing with this series. ‘Black Sails’ EPs Jon Steinberg and Robert Levine Break Down That Shocking Death by Christina Radish February 12, 2017 On the fourth and final season of the Starz drama series Black Sails… At the same time, Rackham is attempting to escort Max to a boat when he is intercepted by Hamund and other Ranger crew members. Use the HTML below. At the same time, he really appreciated that it isn’t just the historical Blackbeard’s story we’re telling. When John Silver joined the crew as a cook, Billy Bones was the one to tell Randall that he would no longer serve as cook, but that they would find him a new job that he could perform. Silver pays a man to pretend that he is a survivor of Hornigold’s garrison in Fort Nassau, and he describes to the people of Nassau horrific acts of butchery that Vane’s men enacted. Black Sails Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. 319 of 381 people found this review helpful. I feel like none of the other pirates ever look as happy as Randall does with Betsy. After the ship starts to tip, Randall is among the crew who are working. In the streets of Nassau, Rackham is confronted by several crew members of the Ranger. Lambrick also mentions that there are certain people in his church who are claiming that a Royal Navy ship, the Scarborough has docked nearby and that the King might wish to reestablish colonial rule over Nassau. Morley and Captain Flint both run to help him, finding him with his leg pinned under the ship. wounds he incurred during the duel with Singleton, he tells her that he has found the schedule. He has to find a new place for himself and a new type of legacy that he can try to leave behind. They say that he promised them a score and now is there not only not a score, but they are also out 5,000 pesos of their collective booty. Later that day, as Gates sits looking at navigational charts, he is approached by an overly friendly Rackham. The species/characters were quite randomly chosen, though.). Back at Miranda's house, she is greeted outside by Pastor Lambrick who is making his weekly visits. He’d finally come to a place where he felt like he was a peer of Blackbeard, and there was a certain peace in that for him and Bonny. STEINBERG: It was complicated, in the sense that there were certain things we knew his death needed to do. And we knew that the added complication was that we wanted to somehow, in the midst of it, have Teach save Rackham’s life. As Silver helps Randall peel the potatoes, he discovers Randall's doubts of Singleton being a thief, and anger regarding his death.

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