How to Setup STB emu app on ANDROID BOX

Here is a quick guide on How to Setup STB emu app on ANDROID BOX:

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1 ⇒ Portal for any android boxes or devices: Will be sent in your Activation email.

2 ⇒ Download and install STB EMULATOR from play store or from USB.

3 ⇒ Install STB emulator and follow the below steps ( )

4 ⇒ Open STB emulator

5 ⇒ Go to Settings of STB emulator (right side corner)

6 ⇒ Select “Profile”

7 ⇒ Change profile name to “d-tv”

8 ⇒ Go to Portal setting

9 ⇒ Portal URL name: d-tv

10 ⇒ Enter the URL

11 ⇒ Go Back

12 ⇒ Select “STB Configuration”

13 ⇒ Go to the STB Model

14 ⇒ select MAG 254

15 ⇒ Go to MAC Address

16 ⇒ Send your STB MAC address during the purchase (MUST start with 00:1A:79: )

17 ⇒ Don’t Change any other setting, reload the Profile

18 ⇒ Trick: Install “Clean Memory” or “Clear Cache” application for android devices it will help you clear old caches and it

19 ⇒ It will run smoothly. If VOD doesn’t work change your media player.

20 ⇒ NOTE: Don’t share your MAC address or use it on two devices, if you do so, your portal will be blocked at the server.


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