How To Open M3U Files?

What is IPTV, What Is An M3U File? How To Open M3U Files?

How To Open M3U Files?

What Is An M3U File?

In this article we will talk in-depth on the M3U file extension, what it is used for, on which devices it is used for and even which apps use the file extension. So, if you want to know everything on M3U and IPTV, stick around, because we got some valuable information for you.

An M3U file stands for MP3 URL. In its origin, the M3U file extension was used for audio playlists, but this has shifted over the years. The M3U file is a text-based file that specifies the location of one or multiple media files.

m3u file

It expanded to contain not only audio information, but also visual information and can now be used as multimedia files.

These M3U multimedia files are used by multimedia players as a “queue” file for playback. It is one of the most used file extensions on MP3 players for audio compilations and live streaming, which is very popular to be used with IPTV.



On Which Devices Can M3U Files Be Used?

Any device that is used as a multimedia player is able to use the M3U file extension. Multimedia, or audio player, can create playlists of video clips, shows, movies, and songs.


To make the answer to this question slightly more concrete, we assembled a list of devices that can use M3U files.

  1. Computer(s)
  2. Phone(s)
  3. MP3-player(s)
  4. MP4-player(s)
  5. Tablet(s)
  6. Smart TV’(s)
  7. Multimedia player(s)


What Is IPTV?

Before we go even more in-depth with the M3U file extension, we feel the need to answer this question beforehand.

IPTV is an abbreviation of Internet Protocol Television. It is a term that covers any television that broadcasts over the web rather than via more traditional means, like CD’s, DVD’s, cable, and many more.

Top 10 Best IPTV Players

The different forms of IPTV are as followed:

  • Subscription based IPTV
  • Websites that cover free live TV
  • Online TV channels
  • Online TV providers
  • TV networks’ apps
  • Plugins for apps
  • On-demand video services

Two of the most common and most known IPTV services are on-demand video services like Amazon Prime Video and Netflix.


How To Open M3U Files?

Multimedia and audio players can make playlists of your main tunes, movies, shows, or video clips. They are assembled into an M3U playlist file, which can likewise be opened utilizing any text processor because the data in the file is text-based.

Each channel portrayal will have two lines. The mainline contains the name of the channel in the playlist and the subsequent line will contain the immediate channel address on the server.

It ought to contain the username and password of the client for appropriate proof of access. Your player will scan the two lines that relate to each channel and each name will be shown on the channel list.

A call is sent to the proposed server and the player will at that point send encrypted calls to the server. The calls will be changed over to pictures on your favored gadget and the ideal channel will at that point be shown.

To utilize M3U playlist files, you have to use multimedia players that support the M3U file type.


Which Apps Use M3U Files?

As we have mentioned before in this article, M3U files can be used by a wide range of devices, this statement can also be made for apps.

Apps for M3U

It definitely depends on what you want to do with the M3U file, are you prone to listen to music, do you want to watch movies, or do you want to watch your favorite series using M3U files?

These questions have a big impact on the main question of this chapter. So, let’s make lists of the apps that could potentially use the M3U file extension.

Audio Apps

  1. Spotify
  2. iTunes
  3. Apple Music
  4. Deezer
  5. Tidal
  6. Google Play Music
  7. Amazon Music
  8. Napster

There potentially are more audio graphic applications that could make use of the M3U file extension, but this should be a list of the most used music apps.

Television Apps

  1. VLC
  2. IPTV
  3. Perfect Player IPTV
  4. GSE Smart IPTV
  5. Lazy IPTV

You might or might not recognize the listed television apps, to make everything more understandable, we have got you covered in the next chapter of this article.


What Is An IPTV App?

An IPTV app can be seen as an empty shell. It can’t and won’t do anything, or stream any content without the users’ input. The user has to add channels, playlists, or other sources by themselves, to make use of the IPTV app.

It is the delivery of television-based content over an internet protocol. An IPTV app can be used on various different devices, such as smart TVs, smartphones, PCs and even on web browsers.

One of the well-known IPTV apps is VLC. It is one of the most complete IPTV apps right now, with streaming options available for free for almost every mobile platform, such as tablets and PC’s.

It has the ability to manage channel lists, adjust the quality, add subtitles, and many functionalities more. The best thing about VLC, it’s free!

So, to sum it all up, the M3U file extension and the need to watch TV with your friends and family are a great match. If you are looking for a premium service, that provides top-notch quality television, you have come to the right place.

We at DTV offer you the future of live TV. By supporting over 5000 TV channels, movies and TV shows, on your television, computer, tablet or smartphone.

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